Paris Marathon Training Log: Tempo Run, February 9 2018

Today I restarted my training and—man!—it feels good. My right ankle took a serious beating during the Miami half-marathon so I took a two week hiatus. The first week because I could barely put weight on it. The second week out of an abundance of caution. The Paris Marathon is less than two months away and I can’t afford to be sidelined any longer. I was also in dire need of a good run.

I took the first mile slow, easing my way back into things at a 10:17 min/mi pace. My goal was to keep it there for 6 miles. I succeeded for 4 then, per usual, my competitive side got the best of me. At 4.5 miles I spotted another runner less than 100 feet in front of me and I made her my “prey”. Block by block I picked up my pace until half a mile later I left her in my dust, averaging 9:32 min/mi and 8:46 min/mi in miles 5 and 6, respectively.

I ended my triumphant return with a respectable 9:45 min/mi average, which happens to be my goal tempo for the marathon. Ergo, today’s easy run became a tempo training run. It’s good to be back, baby! (P.S. I brought my running belt-friendly iPod Nano instead of my phone for tunes today so I recycled a photo from my first day of Paris Marathon training on Lower North Bay Road.)


Gear: Brooks Glycerin 15 running shoes, Garmin Forerunner 920XT watch, Amphipod running belt (similar here), Beats Studio 2 wireless headphones, 16GB Apple iPod Nano

Playlist: My “Road to Paris” playlist on Spotify


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