Paris Marathon Training Log: Tempo Run, February 23 2018

Friday sunset runs are my absolute favorite. I can usually get out of work early enough to catch Miami’s majestic sunset and the adrenaline of the weekend pulses in my veins, propelling me forward at a faster than normal pace. It puts me in an incredible mood. So, if you are lucky enough to spot me, you’ll get to experience the Margarita run-sing-dance. It’s my signature move, as the usual suspects on the Venetian Causeway have come to learn over the last two years.


Needless to say, today’s Friday sunset run was an overwhelming success—I finished at an 8:45 min/mi average. It wasn’t a perfect predator run because I caught the wind on the way back and admittedly, I took off way too fast in the first two miles. That said, I’m impressed with my body’s ability to sustain a sub-9 min/mi pace for the last five consecutive miles. I’m also happy I was able to push an extra 0.2 miles for a full 10K. Given that I ran this 2 minutes faster than my goal pace for Paris, this was an excellent litmus test for the South Beach Triathlon which I will be running the weekend I get back from the marathon.


Guess who was super vain today and ran without a water belt because it would ruin the outfit? This girl. Luckily my run took me to Margaret Pace Park where I made a quick water/restroom break at the halfway point.

Beyond the Friday evening high, this incredible run can be attributed to two things. One was the fact that I’ve been taking an analgesic for my ankle, prescribed by the orthopedic specialist I saw in Mexico, that has been working miracles. I didn’t feel the tendonitis flare up until mile 5 and it should be back to normal once I finish icing. The second was the playlist. I recycled the Guadalajara Half-Marathon playlist today, shuffling between the techno songs and the rap songs. The MVPs during the mile 5 reckoning were “Hey Mama” and “She Can Get It,” both of which set the perfect left foot, right foot pace to push when I wanted to slow down.

Distance is going to be my biggest challenge in the next five weeks so wish me luck on Sunday morning’s 15-mile run. I am starting to get nervous about this whole 26-mile commitment I made…


Gear: Brooks Glycerin 15 running shoes, Garmin Forerunner 920XT watchBeats Studio 2 wireless headphones

Playlist: My “Guadalajara Half Marathon” playlist on Spotify

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