Running Is My Therapy

Running is my therapy. Some people meditate, some people paint, some people seek counseling. I run. It burns off stress, helps me work through problems, and clears my head like nothing else can. I need it to be a happy, healthy and functioning member of society. Yes, I do it for me but also for you so you don’t have to deal with me in a miserable state.

This week I needed running more than ever. Work had a number of stressful deadlines. My schedule was so packed that I averaged 4 hours of sleep per night. Then, yesterday as things were finally calming down I got a call from my landlord that my apartment had water damage from a unidentified leak. I couldn’t catch a break.


By the time that 4:30 p.m. rolled around yesterday, I was desperate to get some miles in so I put on my running shoes and headed to the Venetian. I didn’t have a lot of time to run but I made every mile count, running faster than normal. I completed four miles at an 8:49 min/mi average with perfect negative splits. Although I probably had enough adrenaline to run a whole marathon, those four miles vastly improved my mood and my mindset.

Today I am waking up a completely different woman, the woes of the week mere memories pounded into the pavement. Any lingering bad ju-ju will be burned this morning on a run with Dario, our first together since we signed up for the Paris Marathon. Per usual a debrief will follow. In the interim, I leave you with the details of yesterday’s therapy session.


Gear: Brooks Glycerin 15 running shoes, Garmin Forerunner 920XT watchBeats Studio 2 wireless headphones

Playlist: My “Guadalajara Half Marathon” playlist on Spotify (I recently added new songs, including “Alive (Radio Edit)” by Dirty South and “Sunlight” by The Magician, which I repeated back and forth for most of this run.)

3 thoughts on “Running Is My Therapy

  1. Alexandre Fagundes says:

    Yes, running has similarities with meditation, the continuous repetitive movement works as a mantra and eventually empties your mind, which can be quite pleasant since it’s so hard to turn off your brain from all the stressful thoughts we have to deal with daily. I cherish my running moments very dearly


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